Kumar Memorial Awards

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Get transformed into a Charismatic Speaker

23 Jan
Get transformed into a Charismatic Speaker

Carl W. Buechner said, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Truly so. To become an influential speaker and mesmerise the listeners with the speech, you have to connect well with them at the emotional level, and express freely.

As you are gearing up to prepare for the second edition of Kumar Memorial Awards for Public Speaking, we are providing a few tips that can help you improve the flaws and rock the stage on the day of the great Event:

Start strong, grab instantly
While starting the speech, you can start with a personal story, a quote from an expert, or a shocking statistic to take the audience by storm, instantly. It can open the minds of the audience and keep them stuck to their seats while listening attentively to your speech.

Visualise your end goal

While writing the script and preparing for the speech, the first thing to do is to define the end goal and visualise it. What should the audience learn from the speech? What are you trying to convey to your listeners after you have finished speaking? Once you define the end goal, it becomes easy to build the speech around those goals.

Practice, and practice again

Repeating things can do wonders in encountering any fear. If you are frightful of public speaking, you should do it so many times that it becomes a normal, routine task for you. When you practice public speaking daily, you become so comfortable that it becomes a part of your DNA – a kind of habit which can be practised flawlessly even under pressure.

Keep it slow and steady while delivering

Good speakers always know the duration of the speech and prepare accordingly. Going too fast while delivering the actual speech can leave you with filler time; or the pace can get the audience confused since they would not be able to catch the crux. To avoid this, plan the pauses well. Also, you can give 3-5 seconds pause at the crucial moments – before an important quote or just after an emotional story – this keeps the audience engaged with every word.

Shoot yourself to find out flaws

When you are preparing for the speech, you can’t practice too much in the head or just speak aloud. If you want to really improve the public speaking, you should film yourself (thanks to the mobile cameras) to re-watch hand movements, eye contact, pitch and pace, and confidence. Rather than practising by seeing in the mirror, this can be a better way of honing the skills.

Smile genuinely in front of the audience

When you smile in front of the audience before starting or during the speech, it brings a feeling of confidence, relaxation and positive energies in the entire body. It calms down the nerves and helps you connect more freely to the audience.

So, I wish you all the best and hope to see you in Jaipur for KMA II…
–Alka Bagga, Director, CMC (Critical Mission Computing), U.K.

Kumar Memorial Awards – Second Edition will be organised on 5th March 2019. People in three different categories (School Students, Budding Professionals and Entrepreneurs and Employees) will participate in the public speaking contest. 3 winners from each category will be awarded cash prizes and glittering trophy. Register now before seats are filled out – www.kumarmemorialawards.com