Kumar Memorial Awards

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29 Jan

Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is one of the most common fear which people experience. It is estimated that 75% people suffer from speech anxiety. Its root cause may lie in the apprehension of being judged by others, being mocked at, or feeling vulnerable when scrutinized by strangers. I’ve observed that more often than not, glossophobia dominates a person’s psychology due to fear of the unknown, especially when a student or manager is preparing to give a speech for the first time.

You would agree that we all have felt butterflies in our stomach, excessive sweating, heart racing faster than a marathon runner, or “cotton mouth” sensation—at some time in our lives due to nervousness. The dread becomes paralyzing, when the degree of importance of the speech being delivered increases, or the audience is quite learned or experienced, or the stakes are very high.

But one thing is for sure that if our public speaking skills are not up to the mark, it becomes a limiting factor, I realized, sooner or later. Right from the school days when we had to participate in a poem recitation or debate competition, elocution contest; or while playing the role of an MC in college, or inspiring the crowds for a rally or movement—the public speaking abilities proved useful. Further in life, whichever profession we choose, or industry we join, as we move up the ladder, we need to give presentations to seniors or clients, inspire team members, o be the official spokesperson for the company—and it all tests our competence in public speaking.

A study published by the University of Wolverhampton stated,”A highly confident speaker is viewed as being more accurate, competent, credible, intelligent, knowledgeable, likeable, and believable…” So, let’s all polish and showcase our expertise in public speaking, and leave an indelible mark on our audiences.

Rajan Arora