Kumar Memorial Awards

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Mr. Amrit Kumarji

Profile of Late Shri Amrit Kumarji

Eminent Jurist and Doyen of Law Shri Amrit Kumarji was born on February 22nd, 1933 in erstwhile province of Rohiri, Sukkhur (Sindh), now in Pakistan. He was exceptionally brilliant since childhood and during an illustrious academic path procured four double promotions and a number of gold medals. Partition of the country came as a big jolt wherein he lost everything except self-confidence—which made all the difference—and he made it to Ajmer, with the family. He completed his studies and procured degrees of B.Com, MA, and LLB, besides Kovid and Bhaska.

In 1955 he entered the field of Law and learnt the intricacies of advocacy, which helped him scale heights and he became widely recognized throughout the country. During his outstanding legal career, he left his imprint on some books and cases—The Chandigarh Lottery Scandal, a number of double and triple murder cases. He was widely appreciated in the High Courts of Shimla, Allahabad, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Jodhpur, besides showcasing his talent in the Supreme Court of India innumerable times. His exceptional legal acumen was amply demonstrated in the Jodhpur Enquiry Commission and Kekri Enquiry Commission, where he successfully espoused the cause of Govt of Rajasthan as Special Public Prosecutor. Anti Corruption, CRPC, and Negotiable Instruments Act were his forte where his achievements were almost cent percent which are even today a benchmark for those in the legal profession.

As part of fulfilling his social responsibility to mentor the budding Law professionals, he shared his knowledge of IPC, CRPC, Evidence Act, Roman Law and Muslim Law with aspiring lawyers at Govt College, Ajmer for almost a decade.

During his most illustrious legal career spanning 60 years, he was repeatedly felicitated by Ajmer Bar Association, and Rajasthan Bar Association at the hands of eminent High Court and Supreme Court judges. In February 2016, he was felicitated with Sindhu Ratna Award—the highest for migrants to India from erstwhile Pakistan.

Sh Amrit Kumarji was also the Chairperson of All Saints and Don Bosco Group of Schools where he was a guiding light and a pillar of strength, where he also inspired the youth. He also motivated and suggested strategies to take Critical Mission Computing, UK forward by stating that entrepreneurial capabilities can be best utilized when calculated risk taking is planned and implemented. His advice in the growth and expansion of 3T (Triumph Through Training Pvt Ltd.) was always looked up to, and proved to be beneficial for the Company. He provided guidance to the three organizations of his children—as any ideal parent would.

His qualities of utmost hard work, top most honesty, and incessant persistence are life mantras which are followed by those, for whom he was the role model to emulate.