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Rohit Raphael Brandon

Rohit Raphael Brandon

IAS (Retd)

Rohit Raphael Brandon belongs to the 1981 batch of the Indian Administrative Service. He is a man of letters and learning and was a British Council scholar in The International Development Department of the University of Birmingham where he earned his Masters in Development Studies with distinction in the year 1999 with a dissertation on New Public Management. He is a Development Professional with more than 35 years of experience in public service. He has completed a course on IEC and Health Communication from John Hopkins University USA and is a Communication Specialist with over 3 years hands-on experience as Director IEC. He established the new department of Minority affairs in Rajasthan as Principal Secretary Minority Affairs during 2010-2012; the IEC Bureau for the Government of Rajasthan in 1992 with the funding support from USAID, UNFPA and UNICEF. He joined as Honorary Visiting Professor in IDS Jaipur in August 2014. He is presently engaged in several development initiatives and training programmes organised by IDS, CUTS International and other organizations.


Former Director HCM-RIPA and Additional Chief Secretary Training Government of Rajasthan