Kumar Memorial Awards

Lookout for our next KMA which will be held in 2020

Testimonials 2017

Subrata Das

It was a privilege to have been part of the Kumar Memorial Awards For Public Speaking as a jury member.

I was awed with the meticulous planning, the shortlisting of the diversity of participants who had come for the public speaking on varied topics. The participants were eloquent in their delivery of their speeches and it turned to be a herculean task in identifying the best speakers.

I wish the managing committee the best of luck for their future endeavors on identifying good orators for the public speaking through Kumar Memorial awards for Public Speaking.

Dhiraj Khanna

Thank you so much for having us over. Kudos to you and Veena for having organised such a wonderful event. Wish you all the success in all your future endeavours.

Cdr Dhiraj Khanna (retd)
CEO, Pythian Consultants

Prachi Khandelwal

Kumar Memorial Awards was such an eye-opening experience for me…I was pleasantly surprised by the novelty of the concept, the magnitude of the event, and the diversity of participants. I enjoyed thoroughly, though I didn’t bag any prize.

Sakshi Gupta

Thank you KMA for this wonderful opportunity.

Hally Ranga

Thank you for organizing such a great event. I am glad to be a part of it.

Deepriya Snehi

I am absolutely delighted on this feat of mine. In North India, such competitions only take place amongst colleges. There are very few who take up initiatives to organize something as intellectual as this event. Not just this, the specificity of the categories just streamlined the criteria which helped us better to come with only what was needed. The effort is absolutely a commendable one.

Deepriya Snehi
Amity Law School

Hardik Lashkari

Possessing the communication skills & showcasing it in form of public speaking are two extreme opposite ends and Kumar Memorial Awards – For public speaking has brilliantly bridged this gap.

Pillars of Kumar Memorial Awards – Mr. Peeyush Kumar, Dr. Veena Arora, Mr. Rajan Arora and all other advisory & Organising Committee Members did a commendable job to organize this mega event successfully.

Participation of School Students, Professional Students & Industry professionals in large numbers has proved – THE BEST OF INDIA IS YET TO COME

Shailesh K. Rai

Dear Dr Arora,

It was indeed an honour to participate in the first Kumar Memorial Awards for public speaking. Though I have been an instructor and a public speaker for the better part of my life, never did I participate in a competition like this. Actuation is the highest and the toughest form of speech and to do so in just three to five minutes is not an easy job. It is this challenge that motivated me to participate and win.

I congratulate team KMA for undertaking such a unique endeavour and wish them all the success in times to come. I would love to be associated with KMA in future too.

Best wishes,

Shailesh K. Rai
Lt Colonel